ABZ Pneumatic and Electric Actuators

ABZ Pneumatic & Electric Actuators

  • ABZ Series 227 Pneumatic Actuator
  • ABZ Series 228 Pneumatic Actuator
  • ABZ Electric Series Actuator
  • Series 227 Pneumatic Actuator
  • Series 228 Pneumatic Actuator
  • Electric Actuator


  • Eleven sizes
  • Rack and Pinion
  • Double Acting and Spring Return
  • Four different BREAK and SEAT torque combinations per body size using the pre-loaded spring cartridges
  • NAMUR interface for eaqsy solenoid mounting
  • Mid body NAMUR interface for easy air and electrical connections
  • Anodized cylinders and epoxy coated end-caps secure with stainless steel fasteners for corrosion resistance
  • Large piston guides and rings provide minimum cylinder wear and optimum contact bewteen the rack and pinion
  • Dual travel stops

ABZ Series 227 Pneumatic Actuators (PDF)


  • Rack and Pinion
  • Scotch Yoke
  • Thirteen Double Acting Sizes
  • Twelve Spring Return Sizes
  • Five unique START & END torque outputs for each rack & pinion model, and two START & END torque outputs per each scotch yoke model
  • Dual travel stops
  • NAMUR interface for direct accessory mounting
  • Mid body interface minimizes interference with mounted accessories and valves
  • Anodized cylinders and epoxy coated end-caps secured with stainless steel fasteners for corrosion resistance
  • Large piston guide plates and piston back-up ring provide for minimum cylinder wear and optimum contact between the rack and pinion

ABZ Series 228 Pneumatic Actuators (PDF)


  • Standard enclosure IP-67, NEMA 4, 4x
  • Squirrel cage, totally enclosed motor
  • Standardized and color-coded wiring
  • Manual override hand/auto declutch lever, automatic reset when motor is energized
  • Handwheel designed for safe, efficient operation
  • Standardized mounting pad for ABZ and ISO-5211 valve mounting. Blank drive bushing for custom fit
  • Wormgear drive for longer life and a low maximum noise level of only 50dB
  • Indicator is top mounted for continuous visual indication of valve position
  • Standard 20 watt internal heater, minimizes condensation due to temperature and humidity changes
  • Cam actuated, end of travel limit switches are easily adjusted to de-energize actuator for precise valve position
  • Torque switch is cam actuated and factory set to provide over-torque protection, available in size ABZ-015 thru ABZ-250
  • Mechanical limit stops designed to prevent over-travel of quarter turn applications
  • Valve back drive is prevented by a rolled steel wormgear and aluminum bronze wormwheel

ABZ Electric Actuators (PDF)