BLX V200P and V200E Valve Positioners

BLX V200P and V200E Valve Positioners

In a single compact and rugged housing

The V200 incorporates the flexibility of converting from a pneumatic unit to several versions of an electropneumatic unit, and the ability to add position feedback, in a matter of minutes, all in one compact and rugged housing. Maximum flexibility and versatility!!

With a rugged Nema 4X, IP 66 die cast aluminum housing, versatile polyester coating, optional Tufram or Nickel coatings, low -58F or high +325F temp options, and standard features like external zero and span adjustment, this unit expands the VAC offering to cover this “all in one” market for positioners. Add to this the excellent performance yet simple design, and the combination equals a real value.

A product that offers it “all” and in one compact, simple, housing!

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BLX V200 Feedback Module

The V200 feedback options allows for accurate position feedback, where on-off (open/closed) indication (switches) or continuous 4-20mA transmission (or simple potentiometer) is required. Any feedback module can be factory or field installed inside the V200 positioner housing with no special parts or mounting brackets. This creates a very compact and simple package that is completely sealed.

The various feedback options are connected to the positioner main drive shaft(1) which is connected to the actuator shaft via the positioner spindle, assisting in a more direct and accurate actuator/valve monitoring. A position change moves the V200 spindle and switch cam(2) for on-off (or open/closed) indication. The 4-20mA position transmitter(3) responds to changes proportionally in the actuator/valve package. It is recommended that the V200 positioner be calibrated before installing feedback options.

BLX V200 Feedback Module