Linatex LinaValve FC

Linatex LinaValve FC

Linatex LinaValve FC is a cast body check valve with replaceable molded Linatex rubber liners, designed for effective control of abrasive and corrosive flow media. The Linavalve FC flapper provides both quiet back flow control and drip tight shut off. The LinaValve FC is particularly well suited for harsh, highly abrasive flow control applications in liquid-solid slurry and gas-solid pneumatic conveying services where long valve life and low maintenance are desired. With its slotted end flanges and component body and liner parts, the LinaValve FC is designed for ease of maintenance and shorter down time.


  • Linatex anti-abrasive premium red rubber is the standard liner material.
  • Field replaceable liners.
  • Full bore/full flow design results in very low friction loss and high flow capacity.
  • Low pressure differential required to unseat the elastomer lined flapper.
  • Body liners lock in place without adhesives or bonding agents.
  • Molded liners insure a correct fit each time.
  • Component liners can be purchased and installed separately replacing only the worn liners.
  • Reinforced flapper hinge for extended duty.
  • Valve can be operated in a vertical, horizontal or inclined position.
  • Slotted end flanges simplify the installation and replacement procedures.
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  • Wide variety of natural rubber and synthetic rubber liners and flappers.
  • Custom body castings for special service applications.


  • Heavy-duty cast components assembled with high quality fasteners.
  • Quality molded liners with internal reinforcement in the areas of most stress.
  • Premium quality abrasive and/or corrosive resistant rubber liners.
  • Body end flanges are compliant with ANSI Class 125/150 lb. standards.