Habonim Compact 4 Piston Pneumatic Actuator

Compact 4 Piston Pneumatic Actuator
by Habonim

The COMPACT II is a quarter turn rack & pinion pneumatic actuator that is patented worldwide. The superiority of the COMPACT II actuator over single and double rack & pinion actuator designs, results from the four pistons which generate torque around a centrally located pinion, thereby giving more than double the torque achieved by these other designs. The increased number of pistons in the actuator allows their diameter to be reduced while maintaining its high torque. This also allows the overall size of the actuator to be reduced and become more compact.

Space Saving, Fast Acting

The COMPACT II has four small cylinders, each located on one of the four sides of a cube. At a given air pressure, the COMPACT II can produce the same torque output as double piston actuators, using smaller diameter pistons and a narrower pinion. A narrower pinion results in a shorter piston travel, which permits a compact, space saving mechanism and fast acting travel from one position to the next.

More about the Habonim Compact 4 Piston Pneumatic Actuator (PDF)