SK-100 Series Limit Switches

SK-100 Series Limit Switches
by Flow Systems

  • Visual Position Indicator
  • "Quick-Set" Cam : Limit Switch adjustment cams are splined and spring loaded. The switch cam position can be qickly adjusted without tools (closed-up,open-down)
  • Multipoint Terminal Strip : Terminal strip number with 8 contacts is standard for micro switches
  • Dual 1/2" conduit entries
  • Captive Cover Bolts
  • Easy Mounting Bracket : Any actuator for rotary motion can be easily mounted in ISO 5211
  • Specifications
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Dimensions
Specifications Standard Option Material
Enclosure Protection Weather proof, IP67 / NEMA4 & 4X IP68 Housing Aluminium die-casting
Ambient Temp. -20℃∼80℃   Shaft Stainless steel
Conduit Entry 2 x NPT1/2 NPT1/2, PF1/2,
Indicator cover Polycarbonate
  Switches   SK-100 Mechanical switch(2XSPDT)
AC:250V 3A, 125V 5A
DC:250V 0.2A, 125V 0.4A, 30V 4A
    Indicator   ABS / Polycarbonate
SK-110 Proximity sensor x 2
DC 12∼24V
Terminal 8 Points   Cam Polycarbonate
Shaft Standard Shaft(17mm) Long Shaft Spring Stainless steel
External Coating Polyester powder coating(black)   O-ring NBR
Weight 880g(1.94lb)   Bracket Stainless steel

Namur Standard

Mounting Bracket
Model No. Material Application
ST-1 Stainless steel 30 * 80, H : 20
ST-2 Stainless steel 30 * 80, H : 30
ST-3 Stainless steel 30 * 130, H : 30
ST-4 Stainless steel 30 * 130, H : 50