El-O-Matic EL 1200, 2500 Series Electric Rotary Valve Actuators

EL 1200, 2500 Series Electric Rotary
Valve Actuators by El-O-Matic

Specifically designed and engineered for marine and wastewater applications, EL 1200 and 2500 Series Actuators produce 10,580 and 22,125 lb. in. torque, and are ideal for use with butterfly and larger type valves.

A self-locking worm gear drive system, lubed-for-life gear case, rugged, purpose-build full ball bearing motor, anti-condensation heater, precision adjustable limit switch cams, hermetically enclosed mechanical position indicator, declutchable manual override, and NEMA 4, 4X, 7 and 9 housings combine to provide an all encompassing actuator that provides precise on/off valve positioning service, extra long life, very low maintenance, and maximum corrosion resistance.

All EL 1200 and 2500 Series Actuators are also available with a full line of integrated automation, environmental, and control accessories.

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  • Performance Characteristics
  • Integrated Control Options
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  • Torque Outputs
    EL 1200 - 10, 580 lb. in.; EL 2500 - 22,125 lb. in.
  • Aut-O-Ride Declutchable Lever Manual Override
    Allows manual release of gear train to permit valve operaion even with fused motor and automatically returns to "remote" electrical operation when motor is energized. Permits use of field - replaceable, large spoked handwheel for reduced operator effort and complete safety. (EL 1200 and 2500)
  • Reg-U-Tork Electromechanical Torque Regulatro/Limiter
    Serves to protect valve from damage in the egent foreign material (debris) should foul the valve seat, and acts as a "torque regulator" to provide a reserve of torque up to the rated maximum. (EL 1200 and EL 2500)
  • Integral Motor Centrifugal Switch
    Effectively removes the starting capacitor from the circuit once the motor reaches full pseed and returns capacitor to the circuit when the motor stops. (EL 2400 only) NEMA 6 (Submersible) Rating - permits use in 20 feet of seatwater for 24 hours. (Optional EL 1200 and 2500)

Performance Characteristics

Integrated Control Options

2XS Two Extra Switches* FK 150.0.003
SC Electronic Speed Control** F  150.0.003
POT Potentiomenter* FK 150.0.005
3P Three-Position Control* F
PT 4 4-20 mA Position Transmitter** (120 V AC) F  150.1.001
PT 2 4-20 mA Position Transmitter** (24 V DC) F  150.3.001
MOD 4-20 mA Position Control**  F  150.1.004
HT Integral Heater FK
Key F:Factory Option 
K:Kit Option (field installable) 
Std: Standard Equipment

*ELS 25 only (Does not require higher cover)
**ELS 25 only require a 1.85" higher cover
Not available on DC units.

Area Ratings

WP/XP Weatherproof/Explosionproof  NEMA 4X, 7, 9
Key: F: Factory Option
K: Kit Option (field installable)

*Not applicable on Single Phase EL 2500 Units
**Not available in XP environments


Enclosure: NEMA 4, 4X, 7 or 9
Temperature: -4 to +158°F
Connections: by 16 point internal terminal strip
Finish: Two part polyuerathane
Life: 50,000 operations minimum
Heater: 50W, standard
Materials: Aluminum cast base and cover, steel drive spindle, and fastenings
Conduit entry: 1" NPT 3X
*All units require use of reverse starting contactor option
**NEMA 4X, 7, 9 - Borosilicate glass indicator window
***Factory adjustable from 8,500 to 10,580 lb.in. for EL 1200.  Field adjustable from 13,275 to 22,125 lb. in. for EL 2500
EL 1200 EL 2500
Nominal Rotation: 90° 90°
Adjust. - Stops ± 10° ± 10°
0° - 110° 0° - 110°
Voltages 120/220-Single ph.
380/440-Three ph.*
120/220-Single ph.*
380/460-Three ph.*
ManualOverride Declutchable Hand Wheel Declutchable Hand Wheel
VisualIndication Disc** Disc**
Indication Switches 2X16A SPDT 2X16A SPDT
Torque Switches 2X16A SPDT*** 2X16A SPDT***
Duty Rating 30% 30%
Thermal Protection Motor Thermostat Motor Thermostat
Stall Protection By Torque Switches and Motor Thermostat  By Torque Switches and Motor Thermostat