Force Metal Seated Ball Valves

BFM Series Metal Seated Ball Valves
by Force

Full bore & reduced bore

  • Applicable Standards: ANSI B16.34 / BS5351 & API 6D
  • Face to face: ANSI B16.10
  • End Flange Dimensions: ANSI B16.5


  • Outstanding Economy
    Highly economical for assembly of metal seat due to use of standard valve
  • Maintenance Ease
    2-pieces or 3-pieces split body construction valve body provides the conviences of easy maintenance
  • Fire Safe
    Metal seated ball valve have fire safe construction and material according to specification
  • High Performance
    FORCE metal seated valve is for high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-frequency function
  • Valve Automation
    Metal seated ball valves can easily be automized same as general ball valve
  • Bubble Tight
    FORCE metal seated ball valve meets ANSI B16.104 class V and MSS SP-61 Sealing requirements and we can supply the valve with bubble tight

Floating Ball and Trunnion Mounted Ball

Manufacturing Range Seats Ball Applications
  • Floating:
    150# 300# : 1/2 '' ~ 8 ''
    600# 1500# : 1/2' ~1 1/2''

  • Trunnion
    150# thru 1500#
    2'' to 16''
Stellite ®
Nitriding (HV 800)
ON-OFF throtting
(HV 850~950)
High-Temperature (500°C) Slurries, pulp stock, High-Frequency
Tungsten Carbite
(HV 1200)
High-Pressure, High-Frequency and High-pressure service