Positioners & Switches

Flow Systems Inc. is an experienced distributor of valve positioners and switches
from leading manufacturers.

BLX Positioners

BLX Positioners

This new line of pneumatic and electropneumatic positioners incorporates over sixty years of design, manufacturing, and marketing experience, creating one of the most durable, reliable instruments on the market. Mechanical and proximity switches, mounting kits available to fit all rack & pinion, scotch yoke and linear actuators.

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Moniteur Limit Switch with Valve Position Indicator

Moniteur Limit Switches

Valve position indicator limit switches, NEMA 4 and NEMA 7 designs available.

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SK-100 Limit Switch

Flow Systems
SK-100 Limit Switch

Standard Nema 4 Limit Switch w/ visual dome indicator and easy mounting on any rotary actuator with a NAMUR shaft.

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