BLX Valve Positioners

BLX Valve Positioners

BLX model series V100P & E and V200P & E positioners each have a dependable design and are supported with excellent service.


  • Cast aluminum, Polyester coated housing
  • Stainless steel retained fasteners
  • Double locked stainless cam
  • Quality metal internal parts

Unique electrical compartment, fitted with an o-ring, is pressure sealed by the cover.

Simple Calibration

External zero & span adjustment, calibration is simple and time saving.

Maintenance Friendly

The BLX pilot valve assembly can be cleaned by removing one screw and can only be installed one way - the correct way. The gauge block is standard. I/P test point facilitates positioner loop testing.


Special cams, range springs, various NEMA ratings, and feedback capability are components of the BLX positioner package.


  • One housing for pneumatic or electropneumatic
  • The I/P can be installed or removed at any time
  • Multiple mounting capability
  • Standard indicator allows for air to open or air to close operation
  • Flat or raised indicator available
  • F05 standard housing with interchangeable drives
BLX V100 Positioner

BLX V100 (P & E) Positioner
BLX V200 Positioner

BLX V200 (P & E) Positioner