Linatex LinaValve ST

Linatex LinaValve ST

Linatex LinaValve ST is a handwheel operated, open frame pinch valve designed for effective control of abrasive and corrosive flow media. The valve’s Linatex lined one-piece sleeve design makes it suitable for harsh, highly abrasive flow control applications while protecting the pinch mechanism and other parts from exposure to the process. The extended length of the LinaValve ST improves sleeve closing and opening performances while reducing stress on sleeve end connections. Applicable in liquid-solid slurry and gas-solid pneumatic conveying services, the LinaValve ST design results in abrasion-resistant high flow capacity.


  • Full bore/full flow design results in low friction loss and high flow capacity.
  • Center pinch design for predictable linear flow performance, reduced turbulence and longer sleeve wear life.
  • Open body configuration allows easy visual evaluation of valve position, simplifies valve maintenance and sleeve replacement, and lowers weight.
  • Extended valve length improves sleeve closing and opening performance, reduces stresses on sleeve end connections, and minimizes wear on adjacent piping.
  • High flexibility sleeve design reduces closing forces, improves recovery to full open position and ensures drip tight shut off.
  • One piece sleeve protects operating mechanism and body parts from exposure to process.
  • Elastomer sleeve reduces piping vibration and water hammer.
  • Low force manual handwheel actuation.
  • Stub end sleeve design allows changing sleeve without removing the valve from the process line.
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  • Wide variety of natural rubber and synthetic rubber sleeve linings.
  • Special sleeve designs include reduced bore, extra heavy linings and ultra flexibility.
  • Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators with a wide range of control systems.
  • Custom body and sleeve designs for special service applications


  • Heavy-duty cast and fabricated steel bridge, pinch anvils, side plates and end flanges assembled with high quality fasteners and premium screw-stock steel tie rods.
  • One piece vulcanized pinch sleeve is reinforced with multiple layers of high tensile strength fabric cord and includes steel reinforced stub ends.
  • Premium quality abrasion and/or corrosion resistant rubber lining on interior surface; and ozone, oil and UV resistant outer cover.
  • Double acting pinch mechanism with single input shaft.
  • Cast iron or fabricated steel handwheel. Standard full circumference style on 1 inch through 3 inch sizes and exterior spoke assisted style on 4 inch through 8 inch sizes. A bevel gear with side mounted handwheel is supplied on 10 inch and above.
  • End flanges are compliant with ANSI Class 125/150 lb. standards.